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The COLIBRI architectural concept is a Tailor-made joinery set

The COLIBRI architectural concept is a Custom-made joinery set ("wood" finish or colour from a range of over 300 decors or photo screen-printed on request). It incorporates a CE-marked medical fluids and electricity box, and direct/indirect LED lighting from our range.

The wall panel is ready to install. We can extend our service to include the supply of any other piece of furniture to ensure perfect consistency of colour throughout the room.

This top-of-the-range furnishing can be made using highly resistant HPL panels that meet B1/M1 fire resistance standards.

It is the ideal compromise for combining everything you need for a treatment room, with comfortable, ergonomic LED lighting behind a top-of-the-range, hotel-inspired design.

As far as LED lighting is concerned, we offer two ranges of wall lights with a modern, sleek design, all in aluminium. Thanks to LED technology, we offer a wide range of dimming or circadian cycle options. We can optimise lighting by detecting presence and providing natural lighting. The wall-mounted luminaire can be complemented by standby lighting at the foot of the panel or as a ribbon across the width of the panel.

The panels can be removed for permanent access to medical fluid pipes, as required by the standard.

Several configurations are possible:

  • As an enclosure,
  • As a band (1 horizontal band or 2 bands, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical),
  • In the Style band version (1 horizontal Style band) and Style Décor version (1 horizontal Style band and 1 Décor variant: Dacryl etc.).