Medical layout

Medical layout

As a specialist in tailor-made medical fittings, our business is evolving alongside the world of hospitals, retirement homes and crèches. Catalogue-style mass-produced products are giving way to made-to-measure design. Designers of healthcare environments are taking a broader view, thinking in terms of comfort, hygiene and ergonomics. Their primary objective has become the user experience. We have moved away from technical specifications and are now thinking about the medical layout of the room in terms of coherence, aesthetics and practicality.

We integrate all the trades to think about and design your made-to-measure medical fittings

The joinery is equipped with the best skills and machinery to implement wood panels (cupboards, desks, etc.).

Working with aluminium is at the origin of the specialist trade in medical fittings. Today, thanks to our advanced techniques, aluminium allows us to integrate equipment and lighting into our designs.

We acquired this expertise through the integration of Résinor in 2010, a specialist in laboratory and maternity unit fittings.