Le Bois Private Hospital, Lille

Le Bois Private Hospital, Lille

Equipment of the maternity ward with changing table, furniture and lighting

The Polyclinic du Bois in Lille has a new room, the Odyssey Suite, a real cocoon of serenity equipped with the latest multimedia technologies, to welcome baby and share this unique moment with loved ones in the best conditions.

  • Biolume bed head unit :
    Double bed with 100% LED canopy. Resinor laminated wall panel with the BKXI flush mounted technical bed head unit.
  • Résinor baby changing table
  • Résinor Washbasin
  • Résinor furniture


Clinifit : Nicolas Vaillant
HPM : Aurélie Cange / Yves Barbreau

Développement front end : Damien Fiorini