Sud Francilien Hospital Centre

Sud Francilien Hospital Centre

Customised and personalised baby changing tables

In 2016, the Sud Francilien Hospital Centre in Corbeil-Essonnes modernised its paediatric emergency unit.

The Emergency Department has a total of 26,000 visits per year. The aim of this renovation/extension operation was to improve the comfort of families and children.

RESINOR has equipped all the rooms with bed head units and baby changing tables to contribute to the well-being of the patients and the ergonomics of the work of the care teams. Work benchtops have also been installed in the department.

The rooms in the short-stay inpatient unit are equipped with tailor-made changing tables for optimum layout. The worktop is long, to keep the necessary medical equipment readily available. The arrangement of the premises is ideal for providing medical treatment to children and welcoming their parents.

The rooms in the continuous monitoring unit are equipped with tailor-made changing tables with various storage units to provide maximum practicality for users.

The monitoring stations in the continuous monitoring unit are made to measure, to adapt to the constraints of the environment. The central arrangement of the unit gives the care personnel quick access to and visibility of all of the rooms in the unit.

Développement front end : Damien Fiorini