Handiconsult Unit, Annecy Genevois Hospital Centre

Handiconsult Unit, Annecy Genevois Hospital Centre

Equipment of resin work benchtops for the Annecy Genevois Hospital Centre.

This new Handiconsult unit is dedicated to severely disabled people who fail to receive care in an ordinary environment.
The aim is to humanise care through this new consultation facility and to facilitate access to routine care for children and adults with disabilities. It concerns all types of disability (motor, visual, auditory, psychological, intellectual) with high dependency.

For this new service, Résinor has manufactured and fitted out various custom-made elements :

  • Wet work benchtops made of synthetic resin in one piece (plaster room), with filter and decanting cart. They have been specially developed to guarantee perfect ergonomics ensuring total disinfection.

  • Wet decontamination work benchtops, made of one-piece synthetic resin

  • Dry work benchtops for consultations, more than 7 metres long, with built-in sockets, and hanging drawer units with space for patient files. The office return has integrated sockets and PRM access..

  • Associated laminate furniture for each of the installed work benchtops.

Team :
Project manager : Mme VIGNE
Project owner : Annecy Genevois Hospital Centre

Développement front end : Damien Fiorini