Furniture for nurseries & hospitals

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Furniture for nurseries & hospitals


Résinor has been designing, manufacturing and marketing customised nursery and hospital furniture for over 20 years. Equipped with a specific know-how and industrial tools, we conceive specific fitting solutions.

Our design office advises and designs the furniture associated with care stations, combining design and functionality. Our exchanges with specialists in childhood, project owners, architects, design offices and hospital engineers enable us to customise hospital furniture and nursery furniture for greater comfort and safety.

We manufacture practical and ergonomic nursery furniture to meet the requirements of early childhood professionals. Resinor offers a range of specific furnishing solutions for nurseries, early childhood, but also for hospital rooms, maternity wards or any department requiring custom-made furnishings. We offer, for example: changing furniture, storage lockers, sanitary partitions, staircases, cloakrooms, shelves, bookcases, storage cupboards, desks and reception desks. Our furniture is functional and ergonomic, designed to last, and made in accordance with the principles of responsible production, in compliance with the provisions of the NF standard for nursery furniture.