O Comme 3 Pommes Nursery, Seclin

O Comme 3 Pommes Nursery, Seclin

Facilities suitable for big and small children

The nursery's changing rooms are divided into two areas: one for the smaller children, and another for the bigger ones. Here, a long changing table can be used to change four children at the same time. Steps in the centre allow independent access to the changing area. This helps to protect the staff from musculo-skeletal disorders.

Storage cubby holes are used to stow all of the children's personal possessions. They are located behind the changing table so that staff members have easy access to them. An elevated hand-wash station allows children to be completely independent at all times.

The changing table has many storage spaces. It also has four changing stations for maximum practicality. A storage unit with cubby holes and a changing mat makes it easy to dress and undress the smaller children. Several cubby holes (with doors) have been installed so that each child can put away his or her own belongings.

Développement front end : Damien Fiorini