Méli Mélo Nursery, Lomme

Méli Mélo Nursery, Lomme

Custom-designed wooden furniture

The changing tables have multiple storage spaces, to be ergonomic and practical for the care teams. A set of steps to encourage bigger children to become more independent.

Open cubby holes provide a clever partition between the living area and the bathroom, whilst providing ample storage for the children's changing items. Storage units are built into the partition to ensure the safety of the youngest children and save space. The unit has been installed so that children can reach the lowest shelf, helping to develop their independence.

The reception area has a changing room with enclosed cubby holes with a door. Each child has his or her own cubby hole, where the parents can place their possessions when they arrive. The reception area is also equipped with the dressing and undressing table, with storage units. There is a custom-made counter to separate the kitchen and bathroom areas from the living area. Wood brings a warm, modern feel to the whole space.

Développement front end : Damien Fiorini