Méli Mélo Nursery, Lomme

Méli Mélo Nursery, Lomme

Layout of the Méli Mélo Lomme crèche by Résinor in the EuraTechnologies cluster.

The entire layout of the Méli Mélo Lomme crèche was made using TEBOPIN, a 100% Maritime Pine plywood, where the aesthetics of the wood species are very important. The wood brings warmth and modernity to the whole space. The changing stations are made of resin, with a bathtub and washbasin, and a staircase to encourage the older children's independence and make changing easier for the staff.

A large number of storage units have been designed to provide teams with ergonomic and practical solutions. Open storage lockers create a clever partition between the living area and the bathroom, while also providing plenty of storage space for the children's changing equipment. A bookcase has been integrated into a partition to ensure the safety of the little ones. The unit has been installed so that the bottom shelf is accessible to the children, to help develop their independence.

The reception area is equipped with a cloakroom with lockers closed by a door. Each child has his or her own locker, so that parents can drop off their belongings as soon as they arrive.

  •     Storage lockers
  •     Cupboards for staff
  •     Bookcases for the children
  •     Individual locker

Made-to-measure nursery layout.

Project manager: HART BERTELOOT

Project owner: Coopérative Petite Enfance, Lille